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The Songs

The Albums

End of Phase One

End of Phase OneEnd Of Phase One is the first studio recording in eight years from the New Duncan Imperials and it was worth the wait. Bristling with the kind of straight-ahead-yet twisted songs that characterize their best work, this album reveals a band that is tough, vital, and still poking rock in the ribs.  End Of Phase One is a continuation of the NDI sound that has always been hard to categorize. Sometimes it's straight rock. Sometimes it's indie flavored pop. Sometimes it's alt-country swamp rock. Sometimes it's punk. But somehow it all comes together and makes sense. Well...kind of. This is the kind of album full of left turns and surprises that has made the New Duncan Imperials famous and slightly misunderstood at times. Are they serious? Are they kidding? Are they happy? Are they depressed? It's all here on End Of Phase One. Amazon | iTunes


StickyMany years ago, The New Duncan Imperials embarked on a crusade to single-handedly save rock 'n' roll from the evil forces of meaningful pop crap. They failed. But in that decade they came up with some unforgettably twisted songs, and released four of the most unusual and bravest rock albums anywhere. Then, in Spring of 1999, the band sequestered themselves in Chicago's Uberstudio and built a monument to the music they love - loud, pretty and just plain weird rock 'n' roll, and they called it STICKY. Amazon | iTunes


In-A-Gadda-Da-VegasNDI invaded the studio to churn out these 14 mega-blockbuster gems, including Potato Chicks, Pathetica, Sex Drive, YoYo, and ten more. Hard rockin' and crunchy. This will blow yer car stereo to bits. Produced by Chuck Uchida. Amazon | iTunes


LiveAfter years of touring the world and steam-rolling audiences in every town the NDI put a live show on CD. For your own home NDI show crank up this disc, add beer, silly string, Jägermeister, and more beer! Amazon | iTunes


LoservilleThe third album by the Kings of Trash includes 20 tracks of pure mayhem. Songs like Tilt-A-Whirl, Running With a Fork in My Mouth, Ugly Stick, Loserville, and Tom Jones' It's Not Unusual should frighten children and small pets. Totally happening!! Amazon | iTunes

The Hymns Of Bucksnort

The Hymns Of BucksnortThis 21-song spazz-attack ventures deep into the cluttered psyche of the world's snazziest band. Galloping guitars and drums pause occasionally for theatrical interludes and heartfelt country standards, creating havoc of the highest caliber. Amazon | iTunes

Hanky Panky Parley Voo!

Hanky Panky Parley Voo!Twenty-three tracks of irrepressible NDI mayhem, featuring Motel 666, I'm Schizophrenic (No I'm Not) and Hamhocks. Like a jet crashing into a third grade birthday party, this release goes best with cake, ice cream and a fire extinguisher. Amazon | iTunes

Greatest Bits

Greatest BitsAfter nearly ten years of criss-crossing the globe playing beer-soaked and smoky clubs, The New Duncan Imperials have asked their fans to vote for their all-time favorite songs. Greatest Bits is the result of the fans' choices of the most glorious, squalking, chaotic and inspired songs of the band's brilliant career. All the songs about food, sex, sex with food, and drinking are here. Throw in odes to carnival rides, celebrities the band may have met, and trailer park living, and the whole greasy hairball of NDI's career will come tumbling out of your hi-fi speakers. As a bonus, this release contains enhanced CD-ROM technology that is playable on your computer. Included are video clips, interviews, animation, photos and other visual oddities to amuse and entertain. A great overview of The New Duncan Imperials' Greatest Bits! Bucksnort legends give the people what they want in this fan-selected greatest hits collection, complete with video clips and other interactive fun! Amazon | iTunes

The EPs, 7 Inchers, and other Oddities


FriedNDI's sixth release subtitled: Live, Rare, and Bad II is packed full of interviews, commercials, rare recordings, and more! It is guaranteed to confuse, offend, and shock even the most dedicated NDI white trash army member. It rawks! Amazon | iTunes

We're in a Band

We're in a BandAll your faves originally played loud by five hard-working arena rock bands, includes: Band on the Run, We're an American Band, Rock & Roll Band, Travelling Band, I'm Just a Singer (in a Rock & Roll Band). Only five songs, but so gut-wrenchingly rendered who needs more?! Amazon | iTunes

I'm Drunk / Hey Brother, Pour the Wine w/ Mojo Nixon

I'm Drunk / Hey Brother, Pour the Wine w/ Mojo NixonNaked!! Mojo and The NDI hottubbed for a weekend and between martinis recorded these gems. The B-side is a classic Dean Martin tune. Amazon

Queen of Venus

Queen of VenusThree rip-snortin' NDI ditties on one piece of precious vinyl - Queen of Venus, Kill Me Now and Dollywood. Limited numbered pressing of 1000 with cover art by Tony Fitzpatrick.

Feelin' Sexy

Feelin' SexyNDI's first ever recording. This slab features four early versions of Pensacola 99, Feelin' Sexy, Hamhocks, and Jägermeister.

The Singles Collection

The Singles CollectionSo you want all those glorious tunes from the singles but you gave up vinyl in the 80's? Try this CD. Amazon | iTunes

The Tapes

Live, Rare, and Bad!

Live, Rare, and Bad!A strange collection of The New Duncan Imperials' strangest, lostest and baddest moments. Included are interviews, live horrors, rare songs, and even the amazing 7-11 commercial that never made it to the airwaves. A very special treat, for those with discriminating tastes.

Video Trash

Video TrashAn unforgettable hayride through the hits and myths of the World's Snazziest Band. From impromptu interviews in parking lots and Seven Elevens to complete produced videos for three of the band's most-loved songs, Video Trash picks up you, the viewer, and tosses you off into the deep end of trash rock!