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The Blog

In December of 2011 Pigtail Dick embarked on an epic adventure...writing a book! No lie, he's writing the story of the Mighty NDI. Check it out!

Call Me Pigtail

  1. Hey I Wrote a Book
  2. Here's More If You Want
  3. Call Me Pigtail
  4. Stupidity is Entertaining
  5. We Hit the Road
  6. It's Like Christmas, Literally
  7. Solos!
  8. Engines to Power; Turbines to Speed
  9. On The Road Again (Again)
  10. The Band Wad is Out
  11. The Worst Band I Have Ever Seen in My Life
  12. We Couldn't Decide On a Name
  13. Tipitina's Review
  14. The Words of the Dumbshits Were Written on the Studio Walls
  15. Props Dept.
  16. Props Dept, Part 2
  17. On the Road Again, Again
  18. On the Road Again, Again Part 2
  19. CBGBs with The New York (googoo) Dolls
  20. Motel 666!

Well, that's the last bit of the first part, but there will be more parts and even one of those eBook things all the kids are talking about.

Take me directly to this literary masterpiece!